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Most Popular Cell Phone Provider

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

There are three cellular phone providers who are neck in neck in the competition for the most subscribers in the US.

Currently in the lead is Cingular Wireless, with slightly over 57 million subscribers and a steadily decreasing ‘churn’, which is an industry term referring to the amount of customers canceling their service each month. Cingular Wireless was formed in 2001 as a merger between SBC Communications and BellSouth, and then another merger in 2004 when Cingular bought AT&T Wireless for $41 billion dollars, pushing them into the number one spot as most popular cell phone carrier in the US.

In 2006 Cingular aggressively advertised a claim that they had the fewest dropped calls of any carrier – however the market research company that they used as a source, Telephia, later denied that the claims Cingular were accurate. Slightly behind Cingular in subscriber numbers, with slightly under 57 million subscribers, is Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless was formed in 2000 by a $90 billion dollar merger between Vodafone AirTouch and Bell Atlantic Corp. Shortly thereafter the assets of GTE Wireless were added to Verizon Wireless’s business, making them at the time the most popular cell phone carrier. In 2004 Cingular lost their number one position in subscriber numbers when Cingular merged with AT&T Wireless.

Third place in the US cell phone provider market is Sprint Nextel Corporation. Sprint runs a CDMA cellular network, as does Verizon Wireless, in contrast to Cingular’s GSM network. They have approximately 52 million subscribers currently. Sprint Nextel was formed in 2005 by the No. 3 and No. 5 leading cell phone providers in the US, Sprint and NEXTEL. Sprint Nextel offers cell phone service under two brands, Sprint PCS and Nextel, as well as offers wholesale access to its PCS wireless network to companies including 9278 Mobile, Virgin Mobile, EarthLink Wireless, BeyondMobile, Working Assets, Telispire, Excel Wireless, STI Mobile, Liberty Wireless, Powernet Global, PlatinumTel, ConnexOne, Disney Mobile, Movida Wireless, Helio, Primus Wireless, Voce, Jitterbug Wireless, Humane Wireless and Qwest.

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Most Popular Beer in America

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Can you guess what the worlds most popular beer is? If you guessed Budweiser, you were just partially right. I’ll give you another hint: it was introduced in 1982. Have you figured it out yet? OK, I’ll give you another hint. It is a classic American light lager. Yes you finally got it, Bud Light.

According to Budweiser, it is brewed with two-row and six-row malt, rice, and hops, both American and European varieties. It uses a very different and distinct brewing process to produce a distinctively different, lower calorie beer with a crisp, clean taste.

Even though the micro-brewed beers are more flavorful and are gaining in popularity, the marketing people have help make Bud Light the best selling brand in the US!

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Most Popular Christmas Gift

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

For the first time ever, the most popular Christmas gift in 2006 will be gift cards, according to research by American Express. In 2005, 57% of American shoppers purchased a gift card to give as a Christmas gift. In 2006, American Express predicts that number will reach 66% of American shoppers!

It may be easy to see why the gift card is the most popular christmas gift. A gift card is much more likely to be accepted by the recipient of the gift, and it relieves the stress from the gift purchaser who may not know exactly what the recipient would want. Gift cards also make post-holiday sales more valuable, as the same gift bought with a gift card will often be cheaper right after Christmas than if it was purchased at pre-Christmas retail prices.

starbucks gift card

In terms of specific items expected to be the most popular Christmas gifts in 2006, Elmo TMX and Sony’s PlayStation 3 top the list as the most sought after and hardest to find gifts. Elmo T.M.X. (Tickle Me eXtreme) is an animatronic successor to 1996’s hottest and most popular Christmas present, the Tickle Me Elmo. The toy requires six AA batteries, which are actually included with the toy. Elmo TMX hit store shelves September 19, 2006 and quickly sold out, with auctions selling them shortly thereafter for up to $1,000. The price of Tickle Me Elmo TMX was originally supposed to be a suggested retail price of $39.99, but is now selling for many times that at various retailers and auctions.

Sony’s Playstation 3 was released on November 17, 2006 in the USA leaving very little time for Christmas shoppers to get their hands on one. A 20GB model retails for $900 while a 60GB model retails for $1000. There was such an incredible demand for PlayStation 3 on its release date that a string of related violence occurred during the week following its release. The media reported on robbery after robbery, shootings, and stabbings across the country while prices on eBay skyrocketed to as high as $2,000. If you have yet to purchase the popular gift yourself, and you plan on doing so this season, you were wise to wait. There is no shortage of PS3’s on the market and you can buy them at the suggested retail price online or by auction for possibly even less.

Most Popular Cat Breeds

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Get Yourself a Lint Brush
By: Sherri S. Reese

When making the decision to own a pet, first you decide on which kind you want. Danny DeVito says in War of the Roses, “Cat people should marry cat people, and dog people should marry dog people.” There is a lot of truth in this statement. However, cats generally require less maintenance than canines, and are the most popular choice of pets to be owned in an apartment.

According to the latest statistics on Catster, the American Shorthair is by far the most popular breed of cat owned by people today. Respectively, these cats are most popularly owned in America. Considered to be feline “mutts”, they are not recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA). The CFA is the world’s largest cat registry, and acknowledges 41 different pedigrees of cats. They rank the Persian and the Maine Coon as the top two breeds of cat.

The Persian cat is almost universally rated as the most popular breed of cat to own. It is a long-haired, fluffy and very affectionate breed of cat. This breed of cat is devoted and laid back, but its’ hair can be nightmare for maintaining, sometimes growing up to 3 inches long! This cat is the most popular breed because it is so loving and devoted. Persians need a comfortable environment to feel safe.

The Maine Coon is the second most popular breed of cat. It is one of the oldest cat breeds around, and can withstand both hot and cold climates. This is why it is so popular, because it can be owned all around the world. They are fun-loving, good natured, and are considered safe around children.

Even though purebred pedigree cats can be attractive, there are so many homeless cats that are just as adorable, and are in need of good homes. Most any cat will be a wonderful addition to your home. However, avoid the ones that hiss at you off the bat.

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Most Popular Cat Names

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

The Burdening Task of Naming a Cat
by Sherri S. Reese

Naming your cat can be as difficult a task for some as naming their own child. Even if the cat already has a name when you get it, it is not necessarily a name you want to keep. Choosing a name for your cat can involve a number of factors. First, it is recommended that you definitely double check the gender of your cat before it is given a name. You wouldn’t want to be called ‘Chucky’ if you were a female! What is the most popular name for a cat?

kitty cat

Once the gender of the cat is defined, you can move on to making a good choice. You can check the Washington Post’s latest results on their ongoing survey of the most popular cat name. According to their results on December 3, 2006, the most popular cat’s name at 76 votes is Kitty, what a surprise! Needless to mention, you may want to choose a slightly more original name than this popular name for a cat.

Others use names taken from popular animals known from television, books, and movies such as Mr. Bigglesworth, Garfield, and Felix just to name a few. The same can apply to names of famous actors, sports legends, and musicians. Names derived from such sources can certainly personalize the meaning behind the cat’s name although, naming your cat after Keyser Soze or Ozzy Ozborne could have negative effects.

Perhaps the easiest approach is to use the appearance of the cat to lead you to a decision. Ask yourself these questions: It the cat fat, or thin? What color or type of cat is it? I guess this is how cats end up being named ‘Fluffy’ or ‘Smokey’. It seems as though most people prefer to spend some time observing their cat, and spending some time with it before they give it a name. Can you imagine not having a name for your own child after it was born? I think avoiding an identity crisis for your cat is a good idea. At least decide on something within the first week. Otherwise, the cat may be less responsive to the name once you finally decide on one.

Generally, within a few hours you can determine whether or not the cat is friendly, aggressive, shy, or outgoing. These personality traits can clue you in to whether the cat is named ‘Cuddles’ or “Dracula’. offers an excellent site for helping you choose a name based on any of the previously mentioned factors. It also offers a search engine which tells you the meaning behind your suggested name for your pet.

Although ‘Tigger’ may seem appropriate and popular cat name for an orange tabby with a bouncy personality, selecting a fitting name is essential in establishing a lifelong relationship with your cat.

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