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A blog, the shortened version of weblog, is a publication on the web usually consisting of personally written articles listed in reverse chronological order. Like magazines or television stations, most weblogs pick a particular topic or niche and concrete most of their writing in that area to gain an interested audience, and become popular websites.

Blogs generally use content management or publishing systems which allow for adding new articles and pages to the website with ease. Because of this even a novice on the web can start writing and create a popular blog. What is the most popular blog today?

Technorati measures the most popular blogs by counting the unique links in the last six months. Using this standard, the technology oriented weblog is currently the most popular blog.

If you consider Drew Curtis’ a weblog, then it is currently the most popular weblog was measured by number of visits per day with over 1,000,000 visits/day according to The Truth Laid Bear (TTLB).

TTLB’s Blog Ecosystem measures links from blogs which it tracks to other weblogs which are being tracked. Using this method of link counting, Glenn Renold’s right-leaning political website is the most popular blog today, but when you start look at visitors and pageviews, it is clear that Instapundit while influential may not be the most popular blog.


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8 Responses to “Most Popular Blog / Weblog”

  1. Mito says:

    Also the most popular blogger.. Matt Cutts. He works at

    Mito 🙂

  2. Jim says:

    I am campaigning to bring back the original US version of the Mars Bar. Please visit my website ( and sign my guestbook if you are interested. Thanks! Jim

  3. […] a few times that has been kept my interest for more than a few minutes.  The website is called “The Most Popular Journal” and it contains blogs from random people about random topics, such as, ice cream, car colors, last […]

  4. landon says:

    i like hockey and i hate soccer

  5. ramen says:

    cricket will be most papulor game in the world soon,its going to happen,the new avtar of cricket is going to launch.
    u will see it soon.

  6. jake stefanyshyn says:

    I think soccer is the best of the best because most countrys play it and u cant play hockey in a hot country. ALL OTHER SPORTS LIKE VOLEYBALL AND HOCKEY AND BASKETBALL S T I N K!!!!!!!

  7. tuan says:

    I like soccer , because the soccer is one of the famous sport which the countries are have a football team good players.

  8. Pedro says:

    I didn't know about this technocrati website which seem really interesting, thank you for the tip even if I fell like my website claim a lot of work to achieve reputation…

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