Most Popular Canadian Baby Names

Popular Canadian baby names have remained relatively consistent as of late. Canadian baby names have had the tendency to mirror popular names in some Europe countries and also the United States. The Canadian Vital Statistics Agency reports every year on the top baby names, the following are the most popular names given at birth in 2005.

Boys’ names: Ethan, Joshua, Matthew, Jacob, Nathan, Ryan, Alexander, Liam, Nicholas, and Noah.

Girls’ names: Emma, Emily, Olivia, Hannah, Madison, Ava, Sarah, Ella, Isabella, and Grace.

Since 2000, the top then most popular names given to Canadian babies have fluctuated in rank, but still remain some of the more popular names.

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  1. Ana says:

    most of your boy names are hebrew not canadian. infact none of them are canadian!

  2. kenda says:

    uhm ana………… most popular meaning,,,,, they are USED the most………. bleh…. c’mon

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