Most Popular Candy Bars

Most Popular Candy Bar

Everyone has their favorite candy bar, the one they still might occasionally grab while waiting in line at the convenience store.

The Snickers bar, created by Mars Inc. in 1930 is a chewy nougat center with peanuts and caramel on top, all covered in a layer of milk chocolate. It was named Snickers after one of the horses of the Mars family who invented the candy, but sold as the Marathon bar in the United Kingdom. It had global annual sales of over $2 billion last year, becoming the most popular candy bar in the world. However just a few years back, the Mars bar held the top spot among the most popular candy bars, for most of the 20th century.

The Mars bar was created by Mars Inc. as well, in 1936. The international version of the Mars bar has always been different than the United States version, as it does not contain almonds like the original formulation. Both versions are a chocolate malt nougat center with caramel on top and covered in a layer of milk chocolate.

The Mars bar has been renamed to Snickers Almond in 2000, which may have been a huge mistake on the part of Mars Inc. In 2000, annual sales of the Mars bar reached over $2 billion, but by 2002 they had dropped to $1.09 billion.

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48 Responses to “Most Popular Candy Bars”


    What a stupid thing to do….no wonder i stopped eating mars bars…i thought they had been discontinued…didn’t realize they had been re-named.

  2. Allie says:

    This is a very tasty item that I found for my speech and it was very helpful.

  3. samantha says:

    where is hersheys ranked?

  4. bob says:

    You guys need to check your sources. Kit Kats are the most popular, cause they are available around the world. mars bars and snickers are not. or is your website sponsored by mars? get your facts straight, people.

  5. Pierre Mercieca Balbi says:

    There exists a huge difference between a Candy bar such as Snickers, a wafer bar as Kit Kat or a chocolate bar as Lindt Excellence!!! I must confirm that both your website and Bob are correct. However it is important to know that we are not comparing like with like when one compares a Snickers, to a Kit Kat. So yes! Snickers is the World`s most popular Candy bar, and Kit Kat is the Worlds most popular chocolate wafer bar.
    However if one had to calculate the amount of Snickers
    sold against Kit Kat worldwide then Kit Kat wins.

  6. syd says:

    all of you are wrong! The best candy bar in the world is Hershey’s bars, they rock!!!

  7. Regina says:

    Nah… You’re all wrong! The best candy bar in the world is the ‘Nuts’ bar, if any of you even know what that is. And deep fried in pancake batter it’s even better!

  8. Mike says:

    I can’t believe that the most important and best candy bar was left out of the whole discussion……Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, is there anything better? I think Not!!!!

  9. Hannah says:

    syd is SO right!! Top 3 candy bars are:#3: Kit Kat, even though not an actual candy bar#2: Nestle Crunch bar#1: HERSHEY’S!!!

  10. Amaya says:

    Uh-uh people, the bestest candy in the world is Snickers!! EVERYONE has had one, everyone knows about one, everyone bought one, that means that it is most popular. So stick that in your juicebox and suck it.

  11. goose says:

    on average snickers bars kill 200 people a year due to nut allergies making it also the most deadly chocolate bar

  12. Sergio says:

    So let me get this straight? A Kit Kat is a wafer bar cause it contains wafer, and a Snickers is a candy bar because it contains…??? C’mon people. a Kit Kat bar isn’t candy! Gimme a break! And gimme a Kit Kat!

  13. Todd Lyon says:

    Nestle Kit Kat’s aren’t even sold in the US … Hertshey has the rights to the name Kit Kat … so I doubt they are even close to #1. Plus Nestle Kit Kat’s suck compared to Hershey Kit Kat’s.

  14. Candy Bring Obesety says:

    NO! YOU ARE ALL WRONG! Candy is not the answer!

    Drugs are! xD

    jk… but go reeses sike

    go kit kate jk

    go hershey’s!! jk

    go snickers!! jk

    go me!! wooot!!


    i dont really have a fav candy bar.. xD

    i like them all ^^

  15. Bob "Chocoholic" Mac says:

    I am partial to chocolate, so if it has chocolate in it, I’m pretty happy. That’s why I was disappointed to discover that Hershey opted to discontinue using Milk Chocolate in its Mr. Goodbar, Krackel, and Kissables. Now it’s just vegetable oil and chocolate flavoring–they now say “Made with Chocolate” instead of “Milk Chocolate” on the wrapper. Rats! Now I can’t buy the Minis for meetings because I refuse to buy “Hershey” bars that don’t contain “Hershey’s” chocolate!


  17. guys, guys,cmon,, kit kats are tha best ya,,like hershy thingi, ive never heard of it

  18. Decoy says:

    ChocNut of The Philippines is still the best there ever will be in the World!!!

  19. Star says:

    The Mars Bar is still called the Mars Bar in Europe so I don’t know what all that is about when you say it has changed to Snickers Almond. The chocolate bar Marathon was changed to the name Snickers and still is named that to this day! But Mars Bar has always and always will be Mars Bar! The name of the man was called Forrest Mars!

  20. you’ve got to be kiding me snickers bar and mars bars r so lame HERSHEHYS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  21. Jugger says:

    Mars Bar! King of the Bars! Now there is too many bars, but back in the day it was only Mars! It will always be only Mars! Hershey Highway for Hersheys. They can melt in my butt while I eat a Mars Bar! Hey do you like your Hershey’s with a little corn in it?

  22. John H. says:

    I was just eating a King Size Snickers bar as I read through all these comments (the delightful tastiness of said bar, incidentally, is the reason I’m on this page in the first place). All the confections mentioned here are great…I can’t argue with that. I love ’em all. However, let me put this thought forward: if you had to replace a meal with a candy bar, which one would best suit the purpose? From a caloric perspective, they’re all pretty much in the same neighborhood (Candy Bar, Belly…Belly, this is Candy Bar). But in the weight/bang-for-your buck/perception-that-you’re-actually-putting-a-wad-of-something-solid-in-your-stomach category, Snickers casts a pretty wide shadow (pun intended).

  23. Daysha says:

    My favorite candy is Baby Ruth.


    I LOVE Baby Ruth

  24. ogard says:

    this article and the posts just makes me hungry…….hmmm…..

  25. I would have to say in this order:
    Clark Bar

  26. I would say, in this order:
    Clark Bar

  27. aussie says:

    Tim Tams are better then all of them

  28. Connie says:

    I always believed that Charleston Chew was the best candy bar in taste. However Kit Kat is probably the most popular because it’s sold around the world.

  29. Bogdan Vlasyuk says:

    You aren't right, the best chocolate bar is " Cherry ripe".

  30. MJP says:

    almost all american candy is crap. The Swiss 'invented' Milk Chocolate if you can call mixing chocolate with milk an invention. But there are certain standards that have to be adhered to for it to be called milk chocolate, the U.S. Government requires a 10% concentration of chocolate liquor. EU regulations specify a minimum of 25% cocoa solids. therefore a large majority of American candy wouldnt be classed as chocolate in Europe (especially that awful stuff Hershey's). Also any country with high temperatures tends to add an additive to slow the melting of chocolate which does change the consistency and taste of the chocolate. And just so you know the Kit Kat bar was invented by the English company Rowntree which Nestle bought in 1988, and at that time they had a deal already in place with Hersheys to produce Kit Kats for them in the US, which is why Hersheys are still making them.

    And on a personal note if you want to try real, authentic, top class chocolate then try anything from Amedei, an Italian confectioner, especially the white chocolate with pistachio.

    • MS says:

      This is the first company to invent a solid chocolate bar


      A form of solid eating chocolate was developed by Joseph Fry & Sons, a British chocolate maker.


      Joseph Fry & Son discovered a way to mix some of the cocoa butter back into the “Dutched” chocolate, and added sugar, creating a paste that could be molded. The result was the first modern chocolate bar.

      Herseys chocolate is the first bar of chocolate a Brit eats when he gets to the USA …Its disgusting

  31. Hope says:

    Nope… in order the best candy bars are But-terfinger then Kit kat than Reeses then Pay Day … snickers suck

  32. Hope says:

    Nope… in order the best candy bars are But-terfinger then Kit kat than Reeses then Pay Day … snickers suck

  33. me says:

    wtf is herseys guys? The tastiest candy is original Galaxy… besides going to Begium and tasting actual chocolate.

  34. mike says:

    3 muskateers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. dogomg says:

    its all food…..and it has chocolate….WHO COULD ASK FOR MORE!!!!

  36. katelyn says:

    i hate chocolate so this makes me sick.

  37. celia says:

    i thought m&m's

  38. Bogdan Vlasyuk says:


  39. chode says:

    you are all wrong cherry ripe is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. f.h.matticola says:

    We should go by annual sales to determine the number one selling candy bar
    What say you ?
    So what are top 10 candy bars in 2010 according to annual sales ?

  41. bob says:

    chuck noris is over rated

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