Most Popular Car in America

To be the most popular car in America, a model has to posses a wealth of features- reliability, safety, inoffensive yet attractive styling, power, and good gas mileage. Considering these design features, what is the most popular car? These desirable traits come together in the Toyota Camry, making it the highest selling and most popular car in America since 2002.

Launched in limited numbers in America in 1982, the first Camry was compact cars available in hatchback and sedan body styles. A second generation model followed in 1987, upgrading available engine power and offering new safety features such as anti-lock breaks and all-wheel drive. The hatchback model would vanish, replaced by the wagon body style. First sold in America in 1992, the third generation of the Toyota Camry ditched its compact roots to become a mid-size family sedan. 1997 saw the debut of the restyled fourth generation Camry, followed by the introduction of the Camry Solara coupe in 1999. Available as both a hardtop and a convertible, the Solara was built with more graceful and youth-oriented styling than the Camry. In 2000, the Camry became the highest selling car in America for the first time in its history, with reported figures of 422,930 sold. The next timely iteration to the Camry occurred in 2001, when America’s most popular car became much taller and roomier. The wagon body style was dumped for the fifth generation Camry. The sixth generation, launching in 2006, marked a decided change in the Camry’s styling. The aggressive front fascia compliments the available 3.5L V6, giving the new Camry much more power than any of the previous versions. America’s most popular car is now also available as a hybrid, using Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology.

most popular car, Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry classically performs well in crash safety tests, with all models since 1997 receiving a “Good” frontal crash rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Strangely, the fifth generation Camry receives a “Poor” rating in side impact tests from the IIHS when not equipped with side-impact airbags. The side airbag option, introduced in 2004, improves the side impact rating to “Good”.

Sales of the Camry in America peaked in 2006, with the nation’s most popular family sedan selling 448,445 units. The Camry’s future includes a foray into the increasingly popular NASCAR Nextel Cup, making it the first non-domestic car to compete in NASCAR in recent years. 2007 also expects to see the Camry produced in America for the first time, finally bringing America’s most popular car a little closer to home.

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35 Responses to “Most Popular Car in America”

  1. kabiru umar says:

    so other part of the world, camry is the most common but respected car ever especially the 2007 model.

  2. salwan says:

    Then ,I will Buy a Camry, (^_^)

  3. ToyotaLovers says:

    Go Toyota!!!

    Go Camry!

  4. Jaylen wilz says:

    wow you have some nice cars on this website and i enjoyed looking at the cars you have

  5. Dinki says:

    I prefer hybrid SUVs tho..of lexus..
    or even a GMC hybrid (but thats alotta bills!!)

  6. bob says:

    we hate that car!!!

  7. trevor says:

    the camry is the lamest excuse to even be a car!!!!!!!! it sucks eggs

  8. dzu says:

    never liked this car

  9. Tim says:

    You’re American. Buy American.

  10. Junkfood Eater says:

    American Cars SUCK! Most of them are not gas efficient and break down on purpose. Asian cars are superior to every car made in the world and affordable.

  11. sarah says:

    i know a dioblo lamborghini isnt the most popular car in the world but its the most PIMPINIST car in the world ITS ALSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Decoy says:

    I still go for Corolla…

  13. fontek says:

    Dinki says that he prefer hybrid suv. It’s stupid. If you want car to off road or smth, you’ll just boy Land Rover Defender. It’s pure mechanical car. It’s the last off road car. So why do you want hybrid SUV? Because it’s modern? Because you’re in greenpeace or like that? Because you like when people look on your hybrid, and they must think that you’re a “guy”? Think again. If you like off road buy a Land rover defender, or discovery. If you want power, buy a classic muscle car 🙂 or Audi Gallardo 🙂 (trade Audi owns Lambo. Suspension of Gallardo is really suspension of Audi A4). I don’t know, just buy something. Car is the most important thing in the man’s life. Regards for all fans of four wheels 🙂

  14. i hate imports says:

    i can’t believe you americans support imports. they’re cheaply made. apparently you haven’t been effected by the auto industry and it’s decline…. and it’s going under because of YOU PEOPLE!!! if you like japanese cars so much, move to Japan… LOL, they don’t even want you there!!!!!

    • Adam says:

      you're simply an idiot. this is why the U.S. is hated by so many people and why we have such a bad reputation. you obviously know nothing about cars or the Japanese people. American cars are NOTORIOUS for breaking down and are cheaply made. A Toyota, on the other hand, can easily last more than 15 years (and still run great). Stay in your redneck cave, you uneducated BIGOT.

  15. paolo says:

    toyota corolla is the best!!!!!

  16. chetty says:

    i think the matrix is now the most sought after car in america’and the s model is the best all wheel drive

  17. Yasmin says:

    I could have sworn it was the Honda Accord.

  18. Bonnie says:

    i have a r31 skyline and it is sik
    you can tbeat it rb30 gos mint

  19. nation sweigard says:

    ford makes the best cars cause they have been maken cars since 1905 and they make there cars in america

  20. Luxury German says:

    Luxury german is the way to go!!!!! Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi will all last up to 300,000 or more!!! Fords, hondas, toyotas, and GMs (except for cadillac) suck!!!

  21. hyrohito says:

    Ford can design cars since 1808 for all i care but it is a proven fact that ford makes peices of crap stick to toyota or mazda they last a lot longer

  22. karl says:

    i prefer american car,if they want,they can do the best in the world,all technology from them
    gps,auto,radio,computer,internet,lightbull,phone,retransmission,appolo 11,aviation,etc

  23. Brandon says:

    i love that man i got to say yes to you!!!! i will never or forin shit. GM-FORD or even DODGE!!!

  24. Sujit Bhati says:

    I like Ford Mustang, wat ever its on gas or comfort, but these are road kings.

  25. Best Of Best says:

    I prefer Toyoya any cars or suvs.. even luxus..

    great ever..beat any…specially for turning on road and smooth…awosome……try will love…and you have one…

  26. Amadu says:

    i like american cars too they are good and strong and all electronics things from them

  27. lil mama says:

    you are all stupid have you sen the economy you need to be putting food on the table not fightng over which car is better
    if you dont have anything better to do at least go look for a job

  28. Toyotalover1958 says:

    Toyota, " Moving Forward "

  29. Tay1 says:


  30. moghbaba says:

    Just: Honda accord. Period!

  31. Lil' Wayne says:

    the reason everybody likes these imported cars is beacause they are cheaper to upkepp then a american muscle car, and you can customize cheaper on an import. For Mustang's, Dodge Chrgers (69 modle) and Chevy Corvette, will be the future of all car makers cause they were there when there wernt many options and they will b there when there is all the options.

  32. azhar says:

    americans waste lot’s of money on thier car’s

  33. fish says:

    That’s cool

  34. BRUCE B FITTS says:


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