Most Popular College in the US

Every year, millions of high school students in the United States start the process of applying for secondary education. Of course, some schools have more applicants than others. What, then, is the most popular college in the United States?

For the school year beginning in the Fall of 2007, the University of California, Los Angeles received over 50,000 applications from high school seniors. UCLA is considered one of the best five universities in the nation, among such Ivy League schools as Princeton and Harvard. Part of that rank is due to the institution’s Athletics program; UCLA has won multiple NCAA championships. It’s also considered one of the best public research institutions in the nation; UCLA ranked 11th in the nation for research leading to a Nobel Prize.

Of course, the most popular university can’t accept all 50,000 of those applicants—that’s nearly twice the size of the school’s entire undergraduate class. Instead, they’ve instituted a new “holistic approach” to acceptance, starting in 2006, where each application is reviewed by two readers rather than three. In 2007, UCLA admitted just over a fifth of their applicants.

Most popular university in the US - UCLA

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