Most Popular Dog Names

by Hunter Davis

A lot of thought is required when it comes to choosing the perfect name for your dog. You’ll want to choose a name that fits the dog’s personality and appearance. To help you with this decision, every year the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company combs through its list of policyholders’ pet names and publishes the most popular dog names (and other pets’ names) online. People that can afford pet insurance will probably name their dogs the same popular names as pet owner’s who do not have insurance.

While comparing the list from 2005 with lists from previous years, there hasn’t been a lot of change to the most popular dog name list. You won’t hear names like “Fido” or “Spot” anymore. Instead, names like “Max”, “Buddy”, “Molly” and “Lucy” are more likely to be shouted out at the dog park these days. Animal experts warn not to name your pet a name that sounds too closely to a command you will use. This could potentially lead to a lot of confusion. You might also want to save your favorite name for your baby so it won’t seem like you named your kid after your pet.

The 2005 list probably includes your dog’s name, or at least the dog of someone you know. For male dogs the top ten most popular names are as follows: Max, Buddy, Jake, Rocky, Bailey, Buster, Cody, Charlie, Bear, and Jack. The top ten most popular female dog names in 2005 are: Molly, Maggie, Daisy, Lucy, Sadie, Ginger, Chloe, Bailey, Sophie, and Zoe.

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78 Responses to “Most Popular Dog Names”

  1. imawesome says:

    i hav a rottweiler named big momma because she was the biggest in the litter her brothers name is tank
    her mom’s name is havoc
    her dad’s name is chaos

  2. SteMgee says:

    im’ going to call my dog Fernando, after fernando torres and fernando alonso, cool name 🙂

  3. woohoo it's me!!! says:

    i have a beagle named shiloh,[if you have read the book] yea its not too original but i love him and its too late to change my mind = D

  4. smile says:

    i have a maltese her name is muffin her origanal name was munchkin

  5. hores lover 369 says:

    i realy want a german shepered sigh all well i have the be4st dog ever muffin she is sooooooo funny

  6. dog lover says:

    i have a maltese her name is muffin her origanl name was munchkin

  7. rod says:

    i have a cocker spaniel called sidney and a shitzu called charlie they are both bad boys

  8. annie says:

    i love dogs we have six months years old dog her name is sofy

  9. Shaunagh says:

    I am getting A Bichon Frise and I am Thinking Of Calling It


    Any preferences?


    Let Me Know

  10. ken says:

    My beagles name is stupid, shes so smart

  11. ivan says:

    our dog named chiqui…

  12. koolkat says:

    my dog is called Charli.
    He is the cutest Border Collie you would of ever seen!
    He is a fawn colour and luvs cuddles. AAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW:)

  13. axl says:

    my dogs name is Dog (Golden retriever)

  14. Isaac says:

    my dogs name is Diesel

    English Bull terrier

  15. Carynt says:

    my dog's name is cookies and Apoy
    They are a border collie 🙂

  16. sikandar says:

    my dog name is scooby

    and he is a gsd

  17. fran says:

    my dog has been rescued i tease & say he is a retired actor.; he came into my life day after valentines day sooo his name is Valentino he is a minipin with much energy & so full of life what a personality he has, At night he pats my butt as we walk to the door go out for the night.

  18. Cece says:

    My dogs' names are Max & Romeo (males) and Bella & Sparkles (females).

    Hailing you from Barbados in the West Indies (Caribbean Island)

  19. msadah says:

    My dog is named Fortitude and he lives up to his name.

    He keeps me brave when I need a little extra push. He’s a loving pitbull.

  20. melis says:

    i am geting reddy for a dog and it's name is going to be buster

  21. Kim says:

    Hi. I have two Australian Shepherds. One is Kelsey a tri-color and the other is Blue a
    blue merle.

  22. keo's dad says:

    i have a very cute, puppy boy mini dachshund and hes name is KEO (pronounce as kio). Hes 4 months old and wants so much attention and touch.

  23. Tom Back says:

    my dogs name is Ridge, shes a rodeshion ridgeback. i called her Ridge because my last name is Back so her name is Ridge Back. Genious!

  24. Marisol says:

    I just rescued adog and my little boy named him Boscoe. He is the cutest thing in the world. He’s boxer/ lab mix.

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