Most Popular Fast Food Restaurant in the US

There’s no question that more and more Americans are turning to fast food every day to fill their stomachs. For many, choosing which drive-thru window to visit is a daily ritual, but with so many choices on modern day Main St. USA, where are most Americans choosing to pick up dinner, what is the most popular fast food restaurant chain in the US?

According to a new poll by Zogby International, nearly one-in-four (23%) American adults call fast food chain Wendy’s their favorite, with half as many preferring runners-up Taco Bell and McDonald’s (12% apiece). Burger King trailed McDonald’s and Taco Bell at 11%. Rounding out the field were KFC at 8%, and Jack in the Box and Long John Silver’s, at 3% each. Three-in-ten (29%) respondents say they either prefer no fast food restaurant or a chain not offered on the list.

Until 1999, McDonald’s was the most popular fast food restaurant by leaps and bounds. Recent trends in health and some famous “anti-McDonald’s” movies have apparently, fairly or unfairly, giving the golden arches a stigma in American eyes as “the most unhealty” fast food option. McDonald’s is currently spending Millions of dollars in advertising to change this public opinion.

Some fast food restaurants, like Jack in the Box in the western US or White Castle in the northern mid-Atlantic are the most popular fast food restaurants in their respective regions, possibly due to their somewhat “local” appeal.

With more and more fast food restaurants hitting the streets every day, it’s getting harder and harder for one chain to prove they are America’s favorite. Fast food it’s self, however, is in no danger of loosing popularity amongst a population that seems to be growing increasingly large.

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50 Responses to “Most Popular Fast Food Restaurant in the US”

  1. senait says:

    i don't care i love Mc donalds ppl just need to realize it cannot be an everyday thing….

  2. RON MULL says:

    You need to change your fish samdwich….I just had one from your taco.bell and it was really bad….the BBQ was real good…

  3. steve says:

    Whatever, McDonald’s is the best

  4. --UNKNOWN-- says:


  5. me not you says:

    its all gross its bad for you your all gonna get fat and die

    • whatthebuck says:

      what? haha this cracked me up. its like a lil three year old tells that to there parents UR FAT THAT MEANS YOUR GONNA DIEEE! then they start crying hahaha

  6. Alicia says:

    McDonald’s rocks! Ask any kid or teenager.Even adults still eat there once in a while…Love their iced coffees!

  7. elsa says:

    I’m a vegetarian so I don’t really care for McDonalds or Burger King or places like that.

    Honestly, the BEST fast food place is In N’ Out, but that’s only in California and Nevada.

    Otherwise, I really love Panda Express.

  8. me not you is wrong says:

    "me not you", you won't "get fat" or "die" if you do a little thing called exercise.

    • Alexis M says:

      You are an idiot. The damage that the sugar, cholesterol and gmo's does to your organs is irreversible. Exercising may keep excess weight off TO AN EXTENT but the fact is that this kind of food changes your body's ability to heal and function. Do some research – u r the reason Americans are considered idiots.

  9. h8 vanilla says:

    i love subway subs. im from New Zealand and that is the most popula @ da mo! their stuff is yummy and healhy!

  10. daniel says:

    that’s ludicrous. This “survey” has no references to how many votes make up the poll and shouldn’t the survey be explicitly stating its popularity amongst “adults” and not everyone in general like it’s claiming above? Irritates me to see articles as such written above without any sorts credentials get posted up for comments. I’m not a McDonald’s fan but clearly no other fast food chain comes close to matching its popularity within the U.S. 2006 exemplifies just that with McDonalds grossing in over 20 billion dollars vs Wendys at a sheer 2 billion dollars in domestic sales.

  11. JP says:

    I’m surprised Subway isnt up there

  12. momof2 says:

    To ‘me not you’ there is a little thing called moderation. My 2 boys and I go for our 2 mile walk on a weekly basis down to the local Mcdonalds. And ” we’re lov’n it “

  13. Tim says:

    McDonald’s will always be the best!!! Even though whoppers are my favorite burger, I still get the occasional McDonald’s craving. The new snack wraps are awesome! No one can beat the Mcflurry(not even Sonic) and no one has a dollar menu as god as Macdonald’s. Nothing is more satisfying than a couple of double cheese burgers when you’re starving your butt off and you are on a budget. Polls are easily manipulated….all I know is that McDonalds always seems to have the busiest drive-through, even today I had to find another place to eat because all the mcdonalds were packed.

  14. arlene says:

    Wendy’s is not all dat if youg guys want good food you need visit chillis dat is what you call awesome food it is proper cook food you can get it fast or slow.

  15. your all fat says:

    we love taco bell and thats why we arent as fat as you mcdonalds eatin fatties!!!

  16. Wes says:

    Come to Wichita, KS and try SPANGLES. I’m an Australian thats been everywhere, tried everything and this “Kansas only” option is my pick!

  17. dumd a$$*$ says:

    Wendy’s is the best and also Burger King and Chic-Fil-A

  18. Smart a$$*$ says:


  19. Justin says:

    Burgerville, in the Pacific NW, is simply the best, wholesome fast food there is. Check ’em out onilne. Hands down, the best shakes anywhere. (Hazelnut is my favorite)

  20. stave says:

    taco bell is a deplorable excuse for food… i don’t understand how it ranks so high

  21. BEN says:

    where is sonic? it must be part of the percent whose choice isnt up there. sonic would definately get a high %

  22. Junkfood Eater says:

    There is no way I will be eating the same thing every day. I love Subway, Togos, Del Taco, Chipotle, Panda Express, Arbies, Mountain Mike’s Pizza, Jack In The Box, Burger King, and McDonald’s breakfast.

  23. Junkfood Eater says:

    Taco Bell is hella nasty!

  24. Roman says:

    i weigh around 125 lbs and am 18 and i love McDonalds

    i love the big mac's and their fries!!! omg! ha

    well just take care of yourself and you can eat anything without gaining any weight

  25. magz says:

    I LOVE In N’ Out! Is Dunkin Donuts considered a fast food place? Because if so, i vote that the best! I’m pretty sure its the best for you too, but I may be wrong.

  26. suri says:

    what about subway all you ugly pimple filled fatties, i feel ashamed to live in america, where 69 % of america is obese, its realy ugly and gross

  27. Alicia M. says:

    I love micky d’s it is the bomb….they got some good food and great drinks. I go there at least 3 times a week….badah bah bah bah..Im lovin it 🙂

  28. RG says:

    Carl’s Jr is the best tasting. I don’t know about the most popular.

  29. h8 micky d's says:

    wendys all the way

  30. 100% british says:

    Mcdonalds is gd and reli tasty but ppl need to know that you cant keep eating it. its reli bad for your digestive system for a start. it makes ur excretion come out too runny. secondly the fat content that goes into that food it a discrace to my county, your country and every other country in the world, this is not just a problem in the USA this is an even bigger problem in the Uk and china. u think u’ve got it bad u should c a guy at my uni.

  31. Thiefany says:

    I love burger king. So natural.

  32. Ron B. says:

    wendy’s have the best burgers, burger king has the best onion rings, and LONG JOHN SILVERS have the best CHICKEN!

  33. speed says:

    i love wendys they are always good but i think carels is much beater

  34. Danny Hellyar says:

    Her in So. Ca. In and Out has become the favorite fast food restaurant! Because they don’t have as many locations as the others yet they are always crowded. Fresh Beef and potatoes, never frozen.

  35. Gabby says:

    Five guys in niiiicccceee:) im 15 and dont like mcdonalds so, that whole ask any teenager thing? just a stereotype.

  36. Harrison says:

    Daniel is right, this survey is completely false, Mcdonalds is not the most unhealthy and makes so much more money than all the other fast food chains put together, mcdonalds is worldwide…

  37. kyle says:

    Mcdonalds is OK in a pinch, but lots of things on the mneu are really overpriced. The best burger by far is In-N-out and anyone on the west knows its the king of fast food, fresh fries, fresh burgers cant be beat. As a private company it cant get the coverage that Mcdonalds gets, but I wouldn’t be surprised if per store, in-n-out did 5-10 times the business of average Mcdonalds in the same area.

  38. I really love it!!!!!!!!!!

  39. BlahBlah says:

    Panda Express and In and Out are the best. McDonalds is so unhealthy!!!!!

  40. HxCnMeTaL says:

    Mcdonald’s is greasy, McMuffins from there are pretty good every once and i while but to eat there every day is a thought that discusts me and wants to make me gag; however, Steak and Shake is the bbbombbb 😀 get there $4 burgers.. they’re the best and they’re cheap. and yea. get out and exercise fatties 🙂 don’t complain if you don’t excersise. I play tennis, try it out.


    I am 84 puonds, 13 yrs old, and love McDonalds!!!!!!

  42. jojo says:

    mcdonalds is my best restuarant ,its awseome?

  43. Ashy says:

    Mickey D's is NASTY

  44. billy boy says:

    I know all is wonderful

  45. Mcdonald lover says:

    Mcdonalds best!!! Not everyone that it's there is fat. U all just don't have a good sense of taste!!! Mcdonalds forever!!! " i'am loving it" !!!!
    -mcdonald lover

  46. willy says:

    There is only one reason to go to a fast food restaurant. When you are away from home, and you are in a hurry and need it fast.

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