Most Popular Filipino Baby Names

For centuries the naming customs in the Philippines were heavily influenced by the Spanish, as the result of their 400 years of colonial rule over the the islands. Increasingly however, English baby names are more and more popular in the Philippines, the consequence of the powerful western and American culture in the Philippines. Names of Filipino origin from the native language of Tagalog such as Bayani, Dalisay, Datu, Magtanggol, Mayumi, and others, are dwindling in popularity and are in danger of going out of use.

For Filipino baby boys in 2005 the top ten most popular given names were Michael, Ronald, Ryan, Joseph, Joel, Jeffrey, Marlon, Richard, Noel, and Jonathan. For girls, it was Maricel, Michelle, Jennifer, Janice, Mary Grace, Jocelyn, Catherine, Mary Anne, Rowena and Grace.

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25 Responses to “Most Popular Filipino Baby Names”

  1. greje says:

    hello good day, thanks for giving such information it was very helpful to my research

  2. Tony says:

    Hello! Where can I find a list of Filipino names? Tried google, not really a help. I'm american, with Filipina fiance in Manila. We were just talking about baby names, and I'd like something with Filipino heritage in it. Thanks!

  3. maryjane says:

    My husband has a really unique name. He is one of two males in his family and I want to continue with Philippinio names for our children. Is there any books or lists on paper I can get? I don’t have internet access most of the time so something on paper would help. Thank you!

  4. Adriana says:

    Hello Maryjane:
    I married a Philipino with mix of Spanish blood. We recently conceived. I am in search of some Philipino baby names. It’s how I came across to this web page. I have had such difficulty trying to find Philipino names. I found pretty good site. Just thought I’d pass it on to you. Please if you would be so kind can you forward me any if you find more site. Thanks for your time. Happy Holidays.

  5. mary grace says:

    wow. i didn’t know my name is popular in the philippines where my parents were born. never heard anyone with my name here in the US-new york

  6. Gino says:

    My Name Is GINO, an Italian Name Not Famous Here in The Philippines.

  7. jc bernardo says:

    juan carlo bernardo is my name…. hehe

  8. r-love says:

    i think i had a very unique name here in the phil, because whenever someone ask my name the’re very confusing if it is my real name! hahaha

  9. ricardo rivera says:

    well jc bernardo that is not really a native filipino name isn’t it? i am also searching for a native filipino name for a comic i’m trying to involving filipino mythical creatures and some of our cultures.

  10. Mary-Grace says:

    I can’t believe Mary garce is actually popular..
    my Husband is 50% philipino and we’re having a baby and we wanted to give our baby a philipino middle name… wow…

  11. Kim says:

    Yes, my boyfriend was telling me this, and he is Filipino. I was asking about some native names from Philippines and he didn’t even know. Well, he could list western names, but it’s not the same. I was really hoping for some names that reflect his heritage as well as mine. I’m really determined to find more, because some names are just really beautiful.

  12. GINO says:

    my name is GINO
    sounds Italian
    a famous baby name for boys in Italy
    but not a famous baby name for boys in Philippines

  13. GINO says:

    I hope you name your baby boys GINO just like me

  14. aimee says:

    my mom is philippino and her name is Norma is that a popular name?

  15. rommel says:

    Just as exciting are Filipino nicknames. Jennifer is called ‘Jing-Jing’, Johnson is ‘Jeg-Jeg’, Crystalyn is ‘Neng-neng’. See the repeating pattern? Anyone with a Jr. will be called ‘Jhun-Jhun’ with the emphasis on the ‘H’. We also have very silly name like ‘Baby’ or ‘Boy’ or even ‘Lady’. I know a number of these people and even related to some. I hope they don’t read my post because I just called their name silly 🙂

  16. ivon says:

    here are some filipino names Aldaris, Duriel, Dominar, Artanis, Sandoval, Andariel…

  17. cathy05 says:

    catheryn is my real name but i usually used cathy as my nickname…

    my sis in law ask me to help her to look for her upcoming baby name.. can you help me??

  18. cathy05 says:

    spelling of my name catheryn is real different from that popular name “catherine” hehe… ewan lng pina-uniqur lang ang spelling nga name ko ng nanany ko ahahaha..!! *05

  19. abbie says:

    the name listed are not truly pilipino!!! the names listed as popular are names that filipinos are naming their kids! true pilipino names are IE Hiyas, Biyani, malaya, Matangol ect. these names are truly pilipino. From the times of the Datu’s. Keep it real….

  20. tin says:

    example of native filipino names are diwata,malaya, makisig, luwalhati, marikit

  21. Marjorie says:

    im having a baby but i dont know what kind of name i should give him…

  22. misha says:

    there’s one family that i’ve know using the native tagalog names, generation to generation…. Ligaya, Mutya, Mayumi, Maalab,Marilag, Maani, Makisig, liwayway, Dakila, Dalisay, marikit, Dalisay, Bighani and Lunining… thats all i can remember

  23. doesnt matter says:

    im so happy that western names are popular that people from other countries are conforming there offspring uner our names suggestion however since they are small in stature could they possible hyphenate there first names with tiny-micheal lmao

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