Most Popular French Baby Names

The most popular French baby names haven’t changed much over the years. The only change to a usually consistent list of most popular baby names in France came when “Marie” fell out of the top ten and was replaced by “Jade”. For boys, “Maxime” and “Louis” were dropped from the top ten and were replaced by “Noah” and “Matteo”.

Here are the top ten most popular names given to French babies for the year 2006. Boys: Enzo, Mathis, Lucas, Hugo, Mathéo, Nathan, Théo, Noah, Mattéo, and Thomas. Girls: Emma, Léa, Manon, Clara, Chloe, Inès, Camille, Sarah, Océane, and Jade. Interestingly, half of the popular girls’ names that made the list back in 1990 have remained in the top ten, but Thomas is the only baby boy’s name to still be in the top ten.

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3 Responses to “Most Popular French Baby Names”

  1. What about Marie?
    I thought everyone in france was named Marie, boys and girls.

    • Chantelle says:

      That dropped out in the last three or so years, being replaced by Jade! Not very French, isn't it? I like Claudia for a girl. Very pretty French/Italien name. But for the boys… I'm not sure about Marie. Maybe it's just never been in the top 10. I don't know!

      • Heather says:

        Marie is considered a girl's name, however you might be thinking of hyphenated names where there may be "boy" name and one "girl" name. In that case the name considered to be the currect gender comes first, i.e. Jean-Marie is a boy while Marie-Jean is a girl. However, hyphenated names are considered one name, so even if Jean-Marie was in the list it dosen't make "Jean" or "Marie" any more or less popular.

        I also though opposite gender names used to be popular as middle names in France but I'm less sure of that.

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