Most Popular Israeli Baby Names

Statistics published by the Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel have recently revealed the most popular names for boys and girls and also show that Israel has an extremely high population of children under 17. Some Israeli families are even sharing names between boys and girls. Popular names shared by boys and girls are Noam, Lior, Or, Shachar, Tal, and Osher.

In 2006, the most popular girls’ name in Israel was Noa. Maybe, due in part to the popularity of recording artist Noa, who currently tops the pop charts in Israel. Other popular girls names in Israel are: Roni, Yael, Adi, Sarah, and Hila.

The most popular name for boys in Israel was Uri. Followed closely by, Ro’I, Amit, Yosef, and Moshe.

One year prior to the Central Bureau of Statistics study of popular names in 2006, three percent of the Jewish girls who were born in 2005 were given the name Noa, while 2.1 percent of boys were named Uri.

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3 Responses to “Most Popular Israeli Baby Names”

  1. SearchingForABabyName says:

    Where does the name Leila (as in “night”) come out in popularity in Israel? Is it off limits, or a cool name?

  2. Lauren Shaw says:

    You forgot Matan!

  3. Jeibi says:

    don’t confuse “common” with “popular”

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