Most Popular Redhead

Redheads, or gingers as they are known on South Park, are a distinct minority in the population. They are outnumbered by blonds and ridiculously outnumbered by those of us with darker hair.

A study by Omnibus Operations: Ipsos North America has found the most popular redhead. The redhead to beat every other redhead knows to be a redhead was non-other than Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid.

Now I’m not sure a Mermaid should be counted if you are comparing them to those us of that are less freakish like real life humans such as Sarah Ferguson the former Duchess of York or even human-characters such as Pippi Longstocking, but irregardless the little mermaid has been found to be the most popular redhead.

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4 Responses to “Most Popular Redhead”

  1. Diana says:

    Redheads in general are loving, caring and very much nuturing not like the tales everyone hears all the time about us. Most of us went through hell in our younger years being different (unique) as I say. However, I have had two beautiful daughters which have both of course inherited their fathers brown hair and brown eyes. And both very beautiful. When I was pregnant with both of them I hoped that they would not have red hair and prayed for dark hair, why? Because I did not want them to go through what I did growing up. But…in reality I wanted a red headed child so badly. Though I was blessed with my dark haired beauties. At any rate the most genuine people in my blue eyes are redheads. Think about the reds? Fergie, Kidman, Jesus’ Mary Mag… I love my hair and now that I am older I get more compliments on my hair than I have ever. I love dark hair but would I change it? Never! I am happy with me and what my father and my mother gave me. But I must say that as a child my mother used to tell me that they were just jealous. Okay, now I know because I was blessed with red hair from a mother who was indian and had the most beautiful coal black sleek long hair, and to top it off very beautiful at the same time. Now that is why I absolutely love dark hair because I saw the beauty that my mom protrayed with hers. They often call me red on the head however it goes deeper than that it’s in the genes “jeans”, oh how I love to be unique.

  2. Diana says:

    Would like a comment…something maybe.

  3. Sandra says:

    I am a redhead too. Yeah. Suffered as a child too. Just remember carrot tops are green, not red. I love it now. I stand out in a crowd. My friends can usually find me.

  4. M says:

    I totally agree even though i am blonde

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