Most Popular Religion in the World

Religion has many different definitions and people often philosophize over the many definitions on a daily basis. While there are quite a few major religions there is only one most popular religion in the world.

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism are the most popular world religions today. Approximately 1 billion people adhere to irreligious beliefs which include humanism, atheism and agnosticism, making this category of beliefs more popular than Hinduism but less popular than Islam.

Christian Bible and rosary

Christianity is the most popular religion in the world with about 2.1 billion adherents as of 2005. The most popular religion only comprised around 33% of the total world population. Christianity considered as such a group includes differing denominations such as Roman Catholics, Southern Baptists, and Mormons.

In ranking religious denominations, the Roman Catholic Church is the most popular denomination within Christianity.

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40 Responses to “Most Popular Religion in the World”

  1. jacob says:

    Praise the Lord

  2. Bob Ningnong says:


  3. Elisabeth says:

    Mormons are not christians!!!!! In Revalation 22 it says if any one takes away or adds anything to the bible they will be taken out of the Lambs Book of Life. Mormons took away the words of God out of his own book! That to me is disrespectful and wrong. Therfore, you should no count mormons as christains becasue christains are "Christ like", well at least TRUE Christains are. And if your really did count all the TRUE Christains i think you would be suprised.

    • Ruz says:

      Thank you very much Elizabeth, I totally agree with you. There are so many false Christians in the world that have name as Christians, but life is totally hell.

  4. archi says:

    well mormons are like us all. i dont bealive in a denomination i am free and i listen only Bible and noone else.

  5. shelby eaton says:

    amen PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

  6. Sunil says:


    Thanks for everything you given to US.


    Improve your people more and more.


    Dont mind which denomination you are.

    believe in Christ and believe the word of god.


  7. Alicia says:

    If in Revalation 22 it says if any one takes away or adds anything to the bible they will be taken out of the Lambs Book of Life, than none of you are Christians. Do you realize how many times the Bible has been re-written, translated, and CHANGED throughout the course of history? Some kings, and churches added entire sections to send messages to people at the time. So if you say taking or adding to the bible makes you not a christian, and if you follow the Bible, than are you still a christian? Mormons are not the only people that have ‘taken and added’.

    • Ben says:

      The bible does NOT have ENTIRE sections added. If that did occur, these added parts have long since been removed from the bible. There has been loss of meaning in some cases due to translations, but many scholars and theologians have compared ancient scripture to modern scripture, and through a process of translation and re-translating, they are keeping the Bible as close as possible to the original documents.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Alicia, are you a Christian? You just said "IF in Revelations 22 it says…" when it obviously DOES say that. And that is so out of context. Translating and adapting is not the same thing as changing the actual CONTENT. And that's what the Bible is referring to.

    But yes, you're right, Mormons aren't the only ones who do that. Jehovah's Witnesses do the exact same thing. Neither of them are "Christians", if the term is taken to mean "going to Heaven." They're just going straight down the road to Hell. "Christian" is just a man-made term anyway, as the Bible never refers to Jesus' followers as Christians.

  9. Lonna says:

    When it was originally written, the Bible did not exist as one single book, but rather was a collection of books. The scripture at the end of the book of Revelation, which suggests that nothing should be added, is only referring to that book (the book of Revelation), not the entire Bible. The Bible did not even exist as a single book until centuries after Christ's death. In fact, most scholars agree that Revelation was not the last book in the Bible to be written. Should we throw out the other books in the New Testament that were written after Revelation, then?

    Additionally, there is a scripture in Deuteronomy (12:32) which also says nothing should be added. Using this same logic, we should throw out the entire New Testament and much of the Old!

    That is, of course, an absurd argument.

  10. Raed says:

    Islam is currently at an estimated %20-25. And is the fastest growing religion in the world today.

    If current trends continue, Islam will be the most popular religion before we reach the middle of the 21st century.

    Do not judge Islam by what few muslims do.
    Example: You don’t judge all Christians by the Oklahoma City bombings.

    Mohammed is the last of a series of prophets, that included Jesus – peace be upon him. He is the last prophet to emerge from Becca (Mecca), as can be seen in authentic copies of the old testament.

    Do you honestly believe that God was somehow conceived and delivered by a woman? Do you believe that God is somehow split in a confusing trinity? Use your heart and instinct to realize that the almighty is ONE, and he had no sons, daughters or siblings.

    May we all find guidance.

    • Rebecca says:

      God is forever. He has no beginning or end. He knows everything that has happened and will happen. He sent his son to die on the cross to save us from our condemnation. Everything happens for the glory of God. My Lord doesn't cause bad things to happen but allows them to happen so that we may see his might power. God is the three in one. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

  11. Matthew says:

    All who confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in their hearts God raised them from the dead, you will be saved!!! So You must believe Jesus Christ died for your sins, believe you are a sinner and can not get into heaven by the things you have done, and believe God raised Jesus from the dead so He is alive today!!!

  12. marry says:

    this is not true that cristionity is most popular as u seen cristen they are not religious they are religous just for name they are nasthic

  13. Wow says:

    You forgot Sikhs. They are also in the top 5. Just sayin

  14. Nicholas says:

    Part of the Christianity is the Eastern Orthodox Christians the only followers of the original Christian faith, before the Schism that split the Church to Orthodoxes and Catholics.
    May the power of God be with you.

  15. Colton says:

    I’m just glad non-religion is growing so rapidly.. People are starting to look at the real world..not the world through the eyes of lies, deceit, and the hatred of other humans based off religion or religious teachings.

  16. Nic says:

    Well, if I can just jump in on this Mormon conversation, I believe Mormons are Christans. They believe in Christ and follow the exact teachings of the Bible. They believe in a new testament of Chirst which does not contradict the Bible, in fact goes along with its teachings. I think that maybe you should investigate the religion some more instead of just judging it right off the bat. If I can recall correctly, judging does not go along with the Chirstan religion.

  17. Alex says:

    Wow Corlton, read what you just wrote and tell me that didn’t sound hateful.

  18. Emily says:

    To once again bring up this Mormon ‘debate’ I suppose you could call it. I believe that as long as you believe in Jesus, you are a Christian. So what if they change a few words here and there? They’re still preaching the Jesus/God exists, aren’t they? Same goes with whatever religion you choose, if you have faith, who cares what religion those religious.. folk categorize you into?

    Colton, I agree with you wholeheartedly. It angers me greatly when people try to shove their own religion down your throat and tell you it’s the right one

  19. Samantha says:

    so Elizabeth are you say that catholics arnt christans either?

  20. srraa says:

    i think islam is supposed 2 be the most popular religion

  21. Steven Rodgers says:

    I would take issue with the designation “most popular” religion. Religion isn’t like buying a new car. It’s generally not even much of a choice, as the vast majority of people around the world accept or find reasonable the beliefs of their parents and society. If that weren’t true, we wouldn’t have such a heavy concentration of, say, Muslims in the Middle East.

  22. jhelli says:

    Mormons did not add the messages of the Bible..otherwise Joseph Smith translate the book of LDS,which is the book of mormon,or the golden plates given by Jesus Christ.

  23. pam says:

    islam is not the most popular religion in the world, also popular does not mean it is right or good. the bible says that the angels said to the deciples, why you stare up, don’t you know that this same jesus will come again. BY THE WAY THE MUSLIMS KNOW THIS TOO….THEREFORE THEY SHOULD ASK THEMSELVES THE BIG QUESTION WHO IS HE COMING FOR AND GET THEMSELVES IN ORDER AND STOP TRYING TO TELL OTHERS ABOUT ISLAM AND START ACCEPTING CHRIST IF THEY WANT TO SAVE.

  24. Rabeya says:

    I truly agree with Raed, guys, every single non- muslim religous person does not follow their holy transcripts all the way, they do not know it, they do not have full answers when you ask them,”why?”
    Continuing on what Raed said,how can god be concieved from a woman, he is not human. There are so many other predicaments but if you guys watchDr. Zakir Naik im sure some of you will no longer be kafir’s.

  25. ram says:

    Why condemn the religions for the sake praising ones own religion. A MAN believes in GOD never condemn any religions but praisea all religions as GOD is in all religions. Only ignorant who does not much of his/her religion condemn other religions. Do the personscondemn other religions recieve any speciality from GOD. Live as brothers as children of GOD as we all emanated from the same source and ultimatly we returned to the same source. The Man of today lose the sense of reality that all man came from one source and when mankind love themselves dearly with full of divine love from GOD he will see all as one.
    thanks with regards

  26. Grastel says:

    The four Abrahamic religions are Judiasm, Xtianity, Islam and Mormon. Because Mormonism is an American-based religion and follows such different core beliefs, it should not be lumped in for these statistical purposes.

    For those of you babbling and bragging about your own supernatural beliefs, just remember it's all indoctrination based on your place of birth. If you were born in ancient Greece, you'd be saying "Praise Zeus! Praise Zeus!".

  27. Anonymouse says:

    Regarding the comment expressed by ALICIA. The Holy Scriptures have not been changed by legitimate Bible scholars. In the other hand, they have been changed by unfaithful scribes throughout history in many popular Bible translations. For example, 1John 5:7,8 in the King James and many other translations. Scriptures have been added or omitted due to orthodox glosses. ALICIA due to your comment, your simply saying that the Bible has been altered. Which is false, it's been TRANSLATED into a different language. There's a big difference between "Changed" and "Translated". Look up the terms in a dictionary. For a side note, the Bible is not for arguing.

  28. Huh! says:

    Hello everyone, I am a Muslim and I would like to say that please people do not fight, do not hate each other religion and do not cuss each other religion as we are all still brothers in a way. May God help everyone in the the world to be put onto the rightfull path. May terrorism be destroyed, may there be peace between everyone. May my enemies become my friends, may innocent be rewarded. Peace be upon all the profits such as Jesus, Mahommd, Mosses etc. People no matter what I will still respect everyones religion and respect everyones right to live may you all commenters have a good Life. Ameen.

  29. ayan says:

    in muslim religon its really simple and you know what there talking abouyt in ther holy book the QURAN and there's diffent people becoming it but in christians it just english and american people but in muslims any one is really becoming it because its more simpler than christianity

  30. ANDY JOHNSON says:

    as a BAPTIST I feel that as long as you use the bible as your guide and always know what the only way to Heaven is : in simple terms , believe in the ideas of Easter and what it represents and you will go to Heaven. Make of that u and ask GOD, and mean it in your heart, and you will go to heaven , no matter what denomination. DO YOU BELIEVE AN EASTER?

  31. johnnedel says:

    Jesus is Coming
    tell the world

  32. ANONYOUMS says:

    Wow now of these days people claim their things that they aren't.. I bet if you count all the real religious people you will find it's like 1-20 people. Not only Christians but all these other religions. STOP BEING IGNORANT TO ALLAH.

  33. MrX says:

    admin should approve my comment if not u are hiding the truth :P:

    @pam you are wrong if you said, muslim didn't accept Jesus when he returned to earth. Muslim believe Jesus / Isa (special human) will return to save us from evil. Christian believe Jesus (the son of god) will save us from evil. Jesus need to choose either to be with Christian people or Muslim. The answer is very clear: Jesus will not come to earth with short pants, stripper clothes, bikinis like what the Christian wear all the time (Jesus allowed so 😛 ). Look at Muslim. They are preparing their identity same like Jesus appearance. They dress properly 😛

  34. Muhammed says:

    Insulla Allah will guide all of us on the righteous path.

  35. Garrett says:

    It’s not about religion, it’s about a relationship WITH Jesus!!

  36. !JEHOVAH IS REAL! says:

    not uh…
    it is a true fact that there are more jehovahs wittnesses than any other religon and even some scientist say that that jehovh god is the !ONE! the !ONLY! god trust me go to the kingdom hall and see what jehovah has in store for you:) listen to the truth and you will be jehovahs servant trust me you will love it it is an amazing place:)

  37. The Mighty One says:

    awesome, Almighty Jehovah ( Jehovah – Name ) God ( God -Supreme Ruler ) of us all has waited patiently for his righteousness to prevail since the rebellion of our mom and dad he is not a lier he gave them true free will and the only path that leads to a perfect life Genesis 1:31 Follow the good path mom and dad and you and us children would live forever Genesis 1:31 everything God made was good including the path he gave our parents to take of course there is a positive and negative in all things but there was need to know the negative Jehovah God had our mom & dad back and we did not need bad to enjoy good. Good is good & don't need help from bad this is why so many people are becoming Jehovah witnesses to learn the truth and come home to the our father directed by our master Christ Jesus the mighty god Isaiah 9:6 ( mighty god – Ruler but not the Almighty God only Jehovah is Almighty God ) Statement to the twisted we are not buying you nice cars, houses & giving you our wives and kids to mislead & continue this stupid rebellion against The Almighty God Jehovah and his qualified anointed king The Mighty god Christ Jesus. Go to the kingdom hall learn the truth and save yourself and your family. 1 Timothy 4:16

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