Most Popular Scottish Baby Names

Over the last 100 years, Scotland has seen a consistent change in the range of names being used for babies. These trends show that parents of Scottish babies may be opting for different and unique names as opposed to the more popular baby names. Also, parents in Scotland have a habit of varying the spelling of popular names such as Callum/Calum and Aimee/Amy.

After several years in second place, one of the most popular worldwide names, Jack, is now the number one most popular baby name in Scotland, replacing Lewis as the most popular boys. Sophie was the most popular girls’ name for new babies for the last two years. Emma remains in second place while Erin and Katie jump to the third and fourth places respectively. The top ten most popular baby names in Scotland for boys in 2006 were: Jack, Lewis, Callum, Ryan, Cameron, Jamie, Daniel, Matthew, and Kyle. For girls: Sophie, Emma, Erin, Katie, Lucy, Chloe, Ellie, Amy, Olivia, and Emily.

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  1. Casey says:

    Ummm Cameron, Ryan, Callum, and Erin are the only Scottish names!

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