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Most Popular Filipino Baby Names

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

For centuries the naming customs in the Philippines were heavily influenced by the Spanish, as the result of their 400 years of colonial rule over the the islands. Increasingly however, English baby names are more and more popular in the Philippines, the consequence of the powerful western and American culture in the Philippines. Names of Filipino origin from the native language of Tagalog such as Bayani, Dalisay, Datu, Magtanggol, Mayumi, and others, are dwindling in popularity and are in danger of going out of use.

For Filipino baby boys in 2005 the top ten most popular given names were Michael, Ronald, Ryan, Joseph, Joel, Jeffrey, Marlon, Richard, Noel, and Jonathan. For girls, it was Maricel, Michelle, Jennifer, Janice, Mary Grace, Jocelyn, Catherine, Mary Anne, Rowena and Grace.