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Most Popular Russian Baby Names

Friday, August 29th, 2008

In an effort to prove everyone from the Greatest Generation to the last of the Cold Warriors wrong, the Rooskies have carried out their most dastardly scheme yet—naming their kids something other than Ivan. Ivan has taken second place to Alexander in Moscow, no doubt in hopes that their children may one day replace their surnames with “the Great II.” Shockingly, Ivan didn’t even place among the top ten on any of the lists of the most popular female baby names.

Take that, capitalist imperialist pigdogs.

In order, the top names for Russian boys in Moscow are Alexander, Ivan, Maxim, Artyom and Mikhail. For girls, the most popular baby names are Anastasiya, Mariya, Dariya, Inna and Polina.

In St. Petersburg, popular boys’ names are Alexander, Alexei, Anatoly, Andrei and Dmitry. Popular girls’ names are Yekatarina, Yelena, Anastasiya, Natalya and Darya.

Among the general population, popular Russian boys’ names are Aleksandr, Sergey, Vladimir, Andrey and Aleksey. Popular girls’ names are Elena, Olga, Tatiana, Irina and Natalia.