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Most Popular Majors

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

by, Hunter Davis

Business Administration and Management is the most popular college major. In a yearly study conducted by the “Princeton Review”, colleges are asked to give data regarding their academic offerings. Each college polled is asked which three majors have the highest undergraduate enrollment. With today’s fast-paced economy, it is no surprise that Business Administration is the number one choice and most popular major amongst hundreds of possible college majors.

Business majors usually find success in the field of their choice by working their way up the corporate ladder to become managers, executives, and vice-presidents of their companies. A business major receives focused training and education in accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, economics, and decision-making.

Since Business Administration and Management is the most popular major, chances are you know someone who is majoring in business. Growing up, they probably saved their weekly allowance instead of blowing it, or maybe they started their own lawn mowing business in grade school. Regardless, a business major is naturally good with money and finances and can always be counted on for advice regarding monetary issues.

“Princeton Review’s” top ten Majors of 2006:

  1. Business Administration and Management
  2. Psychology
  3. Elementary Education
  4. Biology
  5. Nursing
  6. Education
  7. English
  8. Communication
  9. Computer Science
  10. Political Science

* note that the popularity of these popular majors has nothing to do with the current job markets’ need for positions in their related fields.

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Most Popular Cell Phone Provider

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

There are three cellular phone providers who are neck in neck in the competition for the most subscribers in the US.

Currently in the lead is Cingular Wireless, with slightly over 57 million subscribers and a steadily decreasing ‘churn’, which is an industry term referring to the amount of customers canceling their service each month. Cingular Wireless was formed in 2001 as a merger between SBC Communications and BellSouth, and then another merger in 2004 when Cingular bought AT&T Wireless for $41 billion dollars, pushing them into the number one spot as most popular cell phone carrier in the US.

In 2006 Cingular aggressively advertised a claim that they had the fewest dropped calls of any carrier – however the market research company that they used as a source, Telephia, later denied that the claims Cingular were accurate. Slightly behind Cingular in subscriber numbers, with slightly under 57 million subscribers, is Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless was formed in 2000 by a $90 billion dollar merger between Vodafone AirTouch and Bell Atlantic Corp. Shortly thereafter the assets of GTE Wireless were added to Verizon Wireless’s business, making them at the time the most popular cell phone carrier. In 2004 Cingular lost their number one position in subscriber numbers when Cingular merged with AT&T Wireless.

Third place in the US cell phone provider market is Sprint Nextel Corporation. Sprint runs a CDMA cellular network, as does Verizon Wireless, in contrast to Cingular’s GSM network. They have approximately 52 million subscribers currently. Sprint Nextel was formed in 2005 by the No. 3 and No. 5 leading cell phone providers in the US, Sprint and NEXTEL. Sprint Nextel offers cell phone service under two brands, Sprint PCS and Nextel, as well as offers wholesale access to its PCS wireless network to companies including 9278 Mobile, Virgin Mobile, EarthLink Wireless, BeyondMobile, Working Assets, Telispire, Excel Wireless, STI Mobile, Liberty Wireless, Powernet Global, PlatinumTel, ConnexOne, Disney Mobile, Movida Wireless, Helio, Primus Wireless, Voce, Jitterbug Wireless, Humane Wireless and Qwest.

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Most Popular Beer in America

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Can you guess what the worlds most popular beer is? If you guessed Budweiser, you were just partially right. I’ll give you another hint: it was introduced in 1982. Have you figured it out yet? OK, I’ll give you another hint. It is a classic American light lager. Yes you finally got it, Bud Light.

According to Budweiser, it is brewed with two-row and six-row malt, rice, and hops, both American and European varieties. It uses a very different and distinct brewing process to produce a distinctively different, lower calorie beer with a crisp, clean taste.

Even though the micro-brewed beers are more flavorful and are gaining in popularity, the marketing people have help make Bud Light the best selling brand in the US!

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Most Popular Cat Names

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

The Burdening Task of Naming a Cat
by Sherri S. Reese

Naming your cat can be as difficult a task for some as naming their own child. Even if the cat already has a name when you get it, it is not necessarily a name you want to keep. Choosing a name for your cat can involve a number of factors. First, it is recommended that you definitely double check the gender of your cat before it is given a name. You wouldn’t want to be called ‘Chucky’ if you were a female! What is the most popular name for a cat?

kitty cat

Once the gender of the cat is defined, you can move on to making a good choice. You can check the Washington Post’s latest results on their ongoing survey of the most popular cat name. According to their results on December 3, 2006, the most popular cat’s name at 76 votes is Kitty, what a surprise! Needless to mention, you may want to choose a slightly more original name than this popular name for a cat.

Others use names taken from popular animals known from television, books, and movies such as Mr. Bigglesworth, Garfield, and Felix just to name a few. The same can apply to names of famous actors, sports legends, and musicians. Names derived from such sources can certainly personalize the meaning behind the cat’s name although, naming your cat after Keyser Soze or Ozzy Ozborne could have negative effects.

Perhaps the easiest approach is to use the appearance of the cat to lead you to a decision. Ask yourself these questions: It the cat fat, or thin? What color or type of cat is it? I guess this is how cats end up being named ‘Fluffy’ or ‘Smokey’. It seems as though most people prefer to spend some time observing their cat, and spending some time with it before they give it a name. Can you imagine not having a name for your own child after it was born? I think avoiding an identity crisis for your cat is a good idea. At least decide on something within the first week. Otherwise, the cat may be less responsive to the name once you finally decide on one.

Generally, within a few hours you can determine whether or not the cat is friendly, aggressive, shy, or outgoing. These personality traits can clue you in to whether the cat is named ‘Cuddles’ or “Dracula’. offers an excellent site for helping you choose a name based on any of the previously mentioned factors. It also offers a search engine which tells you the meaning behind your suggested name for your pet.

Although ‘Tigger’ may seem appropriate and popular cat name for an orange tabby with a bouncy personality, selecting a fitting name is essential in establishing a lifelong relationship with your cat.

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Most Popular Redhead

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Redheads, or gingers as they are known on South Park, are a distinct minority in the population. They are outnumbered by blonds and ridiculously outnumbered by those of us with darker hair.

A study by Omnibus Operations: Ipsos North America has found the most popular redhead. The redhead to beat every other redhead knows to be a redhead was non-other than Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid.

Now I’m not sure a Mermaid should be counted if you are comparing them to those us of that are less freakish like real life humans such as Sarah Ferguson the former Duchess of York or even human-characters such as Pippi Longstocking, but irregardless the little mermaid has been found to be the most popular redhead.

Most Popular Last Name in the US

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

A person’s last name is what connects them to their past. Someone’s last name is what gives them a sense of identity, individuality, and family pride. There are countless last names in the United States today, but what is the most popular last name?

There are 2,772,200 Smiths living in the US as of the 2000 US Census, making it the most common last name. Everyone’s met a Smith. They’re everywhere. Some famous Smiths include Emmett Smith of Dallas Cowboys fame and Joseph Smith founder of the popular Mormon religion. John Smith was on one of the first ships to land and make settlement in Jamestown, VA, before falling in love with Native American princess Pocahontas. No Smith has been to the moon yet, but you can bet that they one day will.

Name Population
Smith 2,772,200
Johnson 2,232,100
Williams 1,926,200
Jones 1,711,200
Brown 1,711,200

Everyone has a last name, unless you are Madonna or Prince, in which case you are too good for last names. Smith is the most popular last name in the United States, and having a last name is much more popular than not having one.

Most Popular National Park in the US

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

After Abraham Lincoln’s initial declaration, Yellowstone National Park was established as the world’s first truly national park in 1872. The national parks in the United States were for public use, resort, and recreation. National parks around the world serve as a refuge for nature and also public tourist areas

Great Smoky Mountains National Park between North Carolina and Tennessee is the most popular national park by number of visits in the US. During 2005 the park had almost 9,200,000 visitors, more than any other US National Park in 2005. The second most popular national park was the Grand Canyon with over 4,000,000 visitors.

The old Southern Appalachian mountains of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park have diverse animal and plant life in their temperate deciduous forests. Activities in this popular national park include more than 800 miles of trails for hiking and grounds for picnicking, fishing, and horseback riding.

The United Nations have designated America’s most popular national park, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, as an International Biosphere Reserve.

Most Popular Fast Food Restaurant in the US

Monday, April 17th, 2006

There’s no question that more and more Americans are turning to fast food every day to fill their stomachs. For many, choosing which drive-thru window to visit is a daily ritual, but with so many choices on modern day Main St. USA, where are most Americans choosing to pick up dinner, what is the most popular fast food restaurant chain in the US?

According to a new poll by Zogby International, nearly one-in-four (23%) American adults call fast food chain Wendy’s their favorite, with half as many preferring runners-up Taco Bell and McDonald’s (12% apiece). Burger King trailed McDonald’s and Taco Bell at 11%. Rounding out the field were KFC at 8%, and Jack in the Box and Long John Silver’s, at 3% each. Three-in-ten (29%) respondents say they either prefer no fast food restaurant or a chain not offered on the list.

Until 1999, McDonald’s was the most popular fast food restaurant by leaps and bounds. Recent trends in health and some famous “anti-McDonald’s” movies have apparently, fairly or unfairly, giving the golden arches a stigma in American eyes as “the most unhealty” fast food option. McDonald’s is currently spending Millions of dollars in advertising to change this public opinion.

Some fast food restaurants, like Jack in the Box in the western US or White Castle in the northern mid-Atlantic are the most popular fast food restaurants in their respective regions, possibly due to their somewhat “local” appeal.

With more and more fast food restaurants hitting the streets every day, it’s getting harder and harder for one chain to prove they are America’s favorite. Fast food it’s self, however, is in no danger of loosing popularity amongst a population that seems to be growing increasingly large.

Most Popular Boy Name in the US

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Picking a name for your new son is a daunting task for many would-be parents, but in the end, you have to come to a decision or fear being a parent with the unnamed child! Some parents want unique names because they believe it will make their offspring unique as well, but usually it will just bring them ridicule on the elementary school playground. For this reason, most parents choose popular baby names. The most popular baby name for boys of 2004 was Jacob, according to the U.S. Government’s Social Security Administration.

Jacob is holding strong, having been the most popular boy’s name since 1999. The oldest publicly available social security records, which date back to 1880, rank Jacob as the 39th most popular name. The name dropped in popularity over the next eighty years, reaching a “career-low” of 369th most popular in 1962, before enjoying a steady rise to the top. The primarily African-American variant Jacoby ranked as the 819th popular boy’s name in 2004.

Jacob is a Hewbrew name, originally spelled Ya’aqob, which translates to “holder of the heel”. In the Old Testament, Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebekah and the patriarch of the 12 tribes of Israel. He was born holding the heel of his twin brother Esau. Biblical names are very popular helping make Jacob the most popular boy’s name in America.

Most Popular Dog Breed

Thursday, January 12th, 2006

The most popular dog breed by registered ownership in both the United States and the United Kingdom is the Labrador Retriever, thought of as a friendly and intelligent companion.

The Golden Retriever and German Sheppard come in as the second and third most popular dog breeds. The most popular breeds are highly intelligent medium to large sized dogs.

The Labrador Retriever is believed to have come from Newfoundland where fishermen recognized the breed’s quick retrieving and swimming skills.

As much as we love this popular dog breed, if you are looking to pick up your own pet, think twice about a purebred and remember that between six and eight million dogs and cats enter U.S. shelters every year, and three to four million of these animals are euthanized because there are not enough homes for them. Labrador Retriever

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