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Today’s video game market is bigger and more competitive than ever. With the recent launch of game systems like Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and the Xbox 360, gamers are able to enjoy their favorite games on a variety of different mediums. With so many different systems to choose from, one might think that it would be hard to dominate the market with just one game. But since it’s release in August of 2006, Electronic Arts’ “Madden NFL 07 Football” has surpassed the competition as 2006’s most popular video game for the major systems.

Madden NFL circa 1990
Madden NFL 90

Based on internal company data, Electronic Arts’ EA Tiburon office in Maitland, California reported selling over 2 million copies of the most popular video game during its first week of retail sales and over 5 million copies of the game since its release. 2006 is the 17th year of production for the Madden NFL Football videogame, which also holds the title of the most popular video game franchise of all time. A recent Orlando Business Journal article reports that the game has had more than $2 billion in retail sales since its first release.

Madden NFL 07 brings back practically every feature that was in Madden 06, but over the years, the game has undergone obvious changes with advances in technology. Some of the changes from the 2006 edition include a new menu presentation, easier to learn moves and excellent new player models, stadiums, and the like that make the game more attractive overall.

Madden NFL 07
Madden NFL 07

One particularly note-able feature of the most popular video game franchise is that you can play “franchise mode” yourself, and create and personalize your NFL team to your liking as you try to achieve the ultimate goal of a Super Bowl victory.

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45 Responses to “Most Popular Video Game Franchise”

  1. Jessica says:

    hey hyii

  2. idris says:

    i think halo is better then madden no afence but madden has better graphics halooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bra bra

  3. jUMPYm4X says:

    WHAAAT???? madden sucks! and so does Halo.
    the best game franchise ever is obviously:: Half-Life.
    Halo sucks balls

  4. brian says:

    Im typing this in school lol, and madden all da way!

  5. Dave says:

    COD 4 is the bomb all the others suck

  6. Sabina says:

    Halo is awesome but Madden sucks im also typing this in school lol

  7. chris says:

    madden is the best game ever

  8. cookie says:

    nor this is soo stupid and the best video game ever is pac-man see you in a bit wakawakawakawakawaka

  9. Neptel John says:

    hmmmmp nonsense!!!…. Super Mario s d BEst!

  10. arch says:

    madden would be more popular because it comes from like 10 years before halo or cod4. Halo can be popular NOW, but Madden was popular in the 90’s (as the articles says, it’s been around for 17 years, go find any other game that has been releases every single year. There must be a reason for that) and it’s still popular today, that’s the whole point of the article.
    Note: I actually hate Madden, but I can take away it’s credits.

  11. anonymous says:

    i though its sims1 and sims 2

  12. a gamer says:

    killzone 2 is by far the best game. beat madden in everyway. beats halo by a long shot

  13. me says:

    How are you going to say COD and HALO is better then Madden when they are two different types of games. That means that different people will be attracted to them for different reasons. I like sport games and Maddens is the best I have played HALO and COD but Shotter games aren’t my type so I think they are ok but not better then madden

  14. The right anwser says:

    Fallout 3 is the best everrrrr!!!

  15. The Truth says:

    Maddens just a waste of time. All sports games are because you could just go outside and play. While in other games you do things you normally wouldn’t be able to. So don’t waste your time on it.

  16. anonymous says:

    everyone should just leave their own comments about their favorite games off this page, because first off this isn’t a favorite game opinion page its about the game that has sold the most over time. Yes i agree other games are better but my opinion doesn’t matter and neither does yours (no offense).

  17. anon says:

    Madden more popular then the Final Fantasy or the Dragon Quest/Warrior series? Madden is hardly a comparison to the amount of games those franchises have sold over the years… and that’s only including native (Japan only) sales.

  18. me says:

    halo and madden suck! call of duty ftw! >:)

  19. martin says:

    TETRIS pwnes all of the games on this list. peroid

  20. Call of Duty Modern Warfare II will soon be most popular.
    In my opinion Halo3 is overall the most popular.

  21. dylan says:

    modernwarfare 2 is the best game ever and it will RULE THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. :.PEREZ.: says:

    Super Mario Bros all the way!!!!!!! 🙂

  23. David says:

    You all are wrong. The most popular video game franchise is The Legend of Zelda.

    The reasoning for this is that it has made more money since it’s debut in the ’80s then Call of Duty,Halo and the Madden series COMBINED.

  24. VillageIdoit says:

    No one gives a rip about “your” favorite game, so for the love of the antichrist QUIT TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT WHAT GAMES YOU THINK IS BETTER and stick to the main subject of this topic (kids).

  25. John says:

    What a crock of shit. Those NFL games are boring and suck.

  26. Biosaber says:

    The most popular series are halo, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, grand theft auto, metal gear solid, resident evil, god of war, and modern warfare. Half life series is for computer nerds who have no life, mario is for old gamers, and madden is just for sports fans.

  27. Auston says:

    There all good games but im goin with call of duty modern warfare 2 all the way.

  28. Natasmai says:

    That's messed up. Madden is the most popular franchise but they don't even try make a good game.

  29. Jess says:

    Halo and cod 4-6 best games ever

  30. Max says:

    WTH? Madden sucks. The most popular games are games like mario and halo.

  31. rox says:

    i believed the last time i checked the 2 best telling games were super mario world and tetris but based off over all franchize sales I’m gonna have to say the Mario & final fantasy series. as for Madden, to say its the best is ludacrous. the reason they come out every year is because there people out there dumb enough to buy it. it takes a year 2 make and sell a madden game, it takes several for games like cod, final fantasy & halo. its no contest. playing Madden is like watching Lord of the Rings. LOTR was nothing but walking, ALL the sports games ever made is nothing but doing the same thing over & over again. there no plot, its a waste of money. whats the diffirence between Madden 97 & Madden 07? Graphics. what did u do in the 1st madden game? U threw a ball, someone caught it, u do the same thing with the latest Madden. Zelda is aight but it has nuttin on final fantasy. Games with a silent protaganist suck. Why does the land of Hyrule always change? Only thing tht stays the same is the castles location lol wtf.

  32. Ronnie says:

    Madden is ok i guess…cood b worse…

  33. Adam says:

    ummm i think you forget world of warcraft

    11 million player now , so how many copy they sell when new patch released ? o.O

  34. Marcel says:

    GTA SAn Andreas conquers all

  35. reneealberts says:

    The franchise directory on is very useful in helping you to decide which franchise opportunity is right for you.

  36. AJAYA says:

    mario 240 million copies

  37. jakob says:

    Halo sucks and so does Madden. the best game is call of duty and kill zone 😛

  38. JOE says:

    In fact the most popular (on a money earned basis) video game franchise is Mario, followed by Pokemon and Tetris. Madden is #8. Don't believe me? Check this out

  39. Rohit says:

    Killzone 2 has much better graphics than madden. So KZ2 all the way

  40. Ur lover says:

    I like big buttz and I can not lie

  41. rsalan says:


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