World’s Most Popular Web Browser

World's Most Popular Browser - Mozilla Firefox

“The most important program on your computer is your web browser—and yet most people aren’t sure which web browser they’re using or what a web browser even is.” So begins a video, posted on Google’s official blog, which briefly attempts to remedy that problem.

Given that information, you might expect Microsoft Internet Explorer, Windows’ built-in web browser, to be the most popular browser in the world—and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Between IE6 and IE7, Microsoft’s own browser had a higher market share than any other until January 2009.

According to W3Schools, the current most popular browser is Mozilla Firefox with 46.5% of the market. This is likely due to the good publicity Firefox has received since 2004, when Forbes declared it the best browser. Since then, PC World and have both compared it favorably to Internet Explorer. Firefox included tabbed browsing long before it was standard and, in 2006, Mozilla was known to respond more quickly to vulnerabilities in their browser than Microsoft.

The fastest growing browser is also the most recently introduced. Google’s Chrome has, since its release in September 2008, snapped up 11.6% of the market—making it the third most popular browser in the world.

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